University of Rome

Dr. Sherri Worth DDS lectures on cosmetic dentistry at the University of Rome in Rome, Italy in August of 2012.

Dr Sherri Worth DDS

COAST Magazine

Jessica Peralta from Coast Magazine sits down for a Q&A session with Dr. Sherri Worth and discusses her professional and personal life as a leading reconstructive dentist.

Dr Sherri Worth DDS

Orange Coast Magazine

Dr. Sherri Worth discusses the physical and emotional impact that modern technology has on reconstructive dentistry.

Dr Sherri Worth DDS

LA Confidential Magazine

Referred to as the 'Tooth Fairy', Dr. Worth discusses her most popular smile enhancing procedures.

Dr Sherri Worth DDS


Dr. Sherri worth discusses the leading cosmetic dentistry trends and some simple, but effective, teeth whitening tips.

Dr Sherri Worth DDS

Dr. Worth Interview

Dr. Worth is questioned on topics such as balancing career and family life, best toothpastes on the market, effectiveness of braces, celebrities she's worked with and more.

Dr Sherri Worth DDS

Orange Coast Magazine

Dr. Worth is featured as one of seven professionally accomplished moms who discuss the importance of children, and the enjoyment of family life.

Dr Sherri Worth DDS


Dr. Worth reveals a $10 trick to create her 'magic mix' for a sparkling smile.

Dr Sherri Worth DDS


As Halloween and other holidays approach, Dr. Worth suggests clinical dental tips to promote oral health.

Dr Sherri Worth DDS


Dr. Sherri Worth on Larry King

Dr. Sherri Worth DDS is an innovative and well-known general, esthetic and reconstructive dentist in Newport Beach, CA. Her professionalism and abilities have brought her patients such as musician Tommy Lee, baseball star Mark McGwire, hollywood actress Kelly Carlson and others. Her knowledge in the field of dentistry has created opportunities to share and apply her expertise on television shows like Dr. Phil, The Tyra Banks Show, Good Day LA, The Swan, How Do I Look, The Discovery Channel, ABC, NBC, and more. Her stunning results in creating healthy, attractive smiles has featured her work on various magazines including Vogue, Elle, US Weekly, Women's Health and Fitness, Men's Health, Sports Illustrated, Instyle, Riviera, Marie Claire, Angelino, Orange Coast, Coast, Travel & Leisure and many more. Hard earned and well deserved, Dr. Worth attributes her success to her high-caliber education, her dedicated staff and her lovingly supportive family and friends.

Dr. Worth often mentions the fact that she was born without two front teeth. 'I was always handicapped by my bad teeth - It was the first thing everyone looked at and the first thing that I was embarrassed of showing.' The front bridges and crowns that were placed on her teeth were not good enough for Dr. Worth and she became determined to create perfect teeth for herself, and others. 'This has motivated me to perfect and create the most beautiful smiles I possibly can.' Dr. Worth completed her Bachelors of Science degree from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). She continued her studies at UCLA receiving her Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree. Dr. Worth then accomplished her esthetic training at the UCLA Center for Esthetic Dentistry as well as an Advanced Education in General Dentistry - senior select.

Dr. Worth is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, American Academy of Implant Dentistry, American Academy of Microscopic Dentistry, The Academy of General Dentistry, The Orange County Dental Society, the Association of Women Dentists, and the Newport Harbor Academy of Dentistry. Dr. Worth is also an attendee of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, Academy of Osseointegration, and Esthetic Professionals.



Veneers are an effective solution when it comes to transforming and restoring smiles. Veneers are extremely thin, individually made shells that are custom fitted to cover a patient's tooth. Often used to repair discolored, chipped, worn, gapped or uneven teeth, dental veneers are a quick method to dramatically improve the appearance of teeth. Read more


Missing or damaged teeth are no longer an issue with the use of dental implants. Small, titanium implant posts are inserted into the gums and naturally fuse to the jawbone over a period of two to six months through a process called osseointegration. An artificial tooth is then fastened to the titanium implant post, and this creates the full dental implant. These implants are very strong and replicate an actual tooth so closely, that they have become a very popular option in restoring healthy smiles. Read more


INVISALIGN® is a transparent, removable tooth aligner, that has become a very popular method for straightening teeth. This plastic oral tray is inserted into the mouth and is worn throughout the day, but is virtually unnoticeable. So instead metal braces, this plastic insert is used to gradually shift teeth into place. Dr. Worth uses Invisalign® because it's not only cosmetically effective, but also has been shown to align a patient's smile faster than traditional braces. Read more


Nothing can transform a smile as easily as teeth whitening, or dental bleaching. While many forms of teeth whitening exist, Dr. Worth only uses the most effective teeth whitening methods; gel bleaching and laser teeth whitening. The latter uses light to engage an efficient hydrogen peroxide agent. Gel bleaching uses a higher concentrate of peroxide and gently applies it directly to the teeth. Both methods are safe, effective and significantly improve the color of the teeth. Read more

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